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Stability-Enhanced Cisplatin Gold Nanoparticles as Therapeutic Anticancer Agents



Tae Joon Cho, Vytas Reipa, John Pettibone, Justin Gorham, Allesandro Tona, Aaron Johnston-Peck, Bryant C. Nelson, Vincent Hackley


Using dendron chemistry, we developed stability-enhanced carboxylate surfacemodified (negatively charged dendron) AuNPs (Au-NCD). Since the carboxylate surface of Au- NCD is optimal for complexation with cisplatin (Pt) moieties, we further synthesized Pt-loaded Au-NCD (Au-NCD/Pt) to serve as potential therapeutic anticancer agents. The size distribution, zeta potential, and surface plasmon resonance of both Au-NCDs and Au-NCD/Pt were characterized via dynamic light scattering, scanning transmission electron microscopy, and ultraviolet−visible spectrophotometry. Surface chemistry, Pt uptake, and Pt release were evaluated using inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. Colloidal stability in physiological media over a wide pH range (1−13) and shelf-life stability (up to 6 months) were also assessed. Finally, the cytotoxicity of both Au-NCD and Au-NCD/Pt to Chinese hamster ovary cells (CHO K1; as a normal cell line) and to human lung epithelial cells (A549; as a cancer cell line) was evaluated. The results of these physicochemical and functional cytotoxicity studies with Au-NCD/Pt demonstrated that the particles exhibited superlative colloidal stability, cisplatin uptake, and in vitro anticancer activity despite low amounts of Pt release from the conjugate.
ACS Applied Nano Materials


Gold nanoparticles, cisplatin, Pt, dendrons, stability, nanomedicine


Cho, T. , Reipa, V. , Pettibone, J. , Gorham, J. , Tona, A. , Johnston-Peck, A. , Nelson, B. and Hackley, V. (2023), Stability-Enhanced Cisplatin Gold Nanoparticles as Therapeutic Anticancer Agents, ACS Applied Nano Materials, [online], (Accessed June 25, 2024)


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Created December 22, 2023, Updated May 28, 2024