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Chemical Sciences Division Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Carlos A. Gonzalez Division Chief carlos.gonzalez [at] Fed
Cher Davis Division Safety Representative cher.davis [at] Fed
Laurell R. Phillips Division Secretary laurell.phillips [at] Fed

Biochemical and Exposure Science Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
John Kucklick Group Leader john.kucklick [at] Fed
LaTasha Sanders Group Office Manager latasha.sanders [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Amanda Bayless amanda.bayless [at] Fed
Ashley Boggs-Russell ashley.russell [at] Fed
Carolyn Burdette carolyn.burdette [at] Fed
Fabio Casu fabio.n.casu [at] Fed
Amy Cuthbertson amy.cuthbertson [at] Fed
Clay Davis clay.davis [at] Fed
Kevin Huncik kevin.huncik [at] Fed
John Kucklick john.kucklick [at] Fed
Jennifer Lynch jennifer.lynch [at] Fed
Ben Neely benjamin.neely [at] Fed
Jessica Reiner jessica.reiner [at] Fed
LaTasha Sanders latasha.sanders [at] Fed
Tracey Schock tracey.johnston [at] Fed
Katherine Shaw [at] Fed

Biospecimen Science Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Rebecca Pugh Group Leader rebecca.pugh [at] Fed
Kelly Goetz Group Office Manager kelly.goetz [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Amanda Capuano amanda.capuano [at] Fed
Debra Ellisor debra.ellisor [at] Fed
Olivia Franco olivia.franco [at] Fed
Kelly Goetz kelly.goetz [at] Fed
Jennifer Hoguet jennifer.hoguet [at] Fed
Amanda Moors amanda.moors [at] Fed
Jennifer Ness jennifer.ness [at] Fed
Rebecca Pugh rebecca.pugh [at] Fed

Chemical Informatics Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Nathan Mahynski Group Leader (Acting) nathan.mahynski [at] Fed
Patricia Crawford Group Office Manager patricia.crawford [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Thomas C. Allison thomas.allison [at] Fed
Niksa Blonder niksa.blonder [at] Fed
Rebecca Carlson rebecca.carlson [at] Fed
Alexandros Chremos alexandros.chremos [at] Fed
Ian Fagan ian.fagan [at] Assoc
Harold Hatch harold.hatch [at] Fed
Karl K. Irikura karl.irikura [at] Fed
William P. Krekelberg william.krekelberg [at] Fed
Nathan Mahynski nathan.mahynski [at] Fed
Jared Ragland jared.ragland [at] Fed
Samiha Sharlin samiha.sharlin [at] IntlAssoc
David Sheen david.sheen [at] Fed
Vincent K. Shen vincent.shen [at] Fed
Daniel Siderius daniel.siderius [at] Fed

Chemical Process and Nuclear Measurements Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Christopher D. Zangmeister Group Leader christopher.zangmeister [at] Fed
Patricia Crawford Group Office Manager patricia.crawford [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Donald R. Burgess Jr. donald.burgess [at] Fed
James Carroll Fed
Heather H. Chen-Mayer heather.chen-mayer [at] Fed
Christopher Chiara christopher.chiara [at] Assoc
Patricia Crawford patricia.crawford [at] Fed
Stephanie Jacoby stephanie.jacoby [at] Assoc
Evan Jahrman evan.jahrman [at] Fed
Berc Kalanyan berc.kalanyan [at] Fed
Jeffrey A. Manion jeffrey.manion [at] Fed
Chun Ning Mao chunning.mao [at] IntlAssoc
James E. Maslar james.maslar [at] Fed
William Sean McGivern sean.mcgivern [at] Fed
Ana Morales ana.morales [at] Fed
Huong Giang Nguyen huong.nguyen [at] Fed
Vladimir L. Orkin vladimir.orkin [at] Fed
Rick L. Paul rick.paul [at] Fed
James Radney jimmy.radney [at] Fed
Sophia Rankin sophia.rankin [at] Assoc
Nicholas Sharp [at] Fed
Mark Sobolewski mark.sobolewski [at] Fed
Maria Isabel Vega Martinez maria.vegamartinez [at] IntlAssoc
Jamie Weaver jamie.weaver [at] Fed
Christopher D. Zangmeister christopher.zangmeister [at] Fed

Chemical Sciences Division - HQ

Name Email Staff type
Cher Davis cher.davis [at] Fed
David L. Duewer david.duewer [at] Fed
Michael Epstein michael.epstein [at] Fed
Hector Franco Vivas hector.franco [at] IntlAssoc
Carlos A. Gonzalez carlos.gonzalez [at] Fed
Brandon LeBlanc brandon.leblanc [at] Fed
Frank Mari frank.mari [at] Fed
Laurell R. Phillips laurell.phillips [at] Fed
Melissa M. Phillips melissa.phillips [at] Fed
Lane C. Sander lane.sander [at] Fed
Andre Striegel andre.striegel [at] Fed
YuYe Tong yuye.tong [at] Assoc
Roger D. van Zee roger.vanzee [at] Fed
Stephen Wise stephen.wise [at] Assoc

Gas Sensing Metrology Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Jennifer Carney Group Leader jennifer.carney [at] Fed
Mechelle Vinson Group Office Manager mechelle.vinson [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Iftikhar A. Awan iftikhar.awan [at] Fed
Iftikhar A. Awan iftikhar.awan [at] Fed
Jennifer Carney jennifer.carney [at] Fed
Christina Cecelski christina.cecelski [at] Fed
Lindsey Chambers lindsey.chambers [at] Fed
Cassie Goodman cassie.goodman [at] Fed
Kimberly Harris kimberly.harris [at] Fed
William A. Kimes william.kimes [at] Fed
Philip Liu qingnan.liu [at] Fed
James E. Norris james.norris [at] Fed
Peter Trask peter.trask [at] Fed

Inorganic Chemical Metrology Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
John L. Molloy Group Leader (Acting) john.molloy [at] Fed
Roxanne Queen Group Office Manager roxanne.queen [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Colleen E. Bryan Sallee colleen.bryansallee [at] Fed
Therese A. Butler therese.butler [at] Assoc
George Caceres george.caceres [at] Assoc
Steven J. Christopher steven.christopher [at] Fed
Preston Connors preston.connors [at] Assoc
Elizabeth Crowther elizabeth.crowther [at] Fed
Regina Easley regina.easley [at] Fed
Michael Fong michael.fong [at] Fed
Liliana Gilster liliana.gilster [at] Assoc
Zhendong Ji zhendong.ji [at] IntlAssoc
Monique Johnson monique.johnson [at] Fed
Jenna Klingsick jenna.klingsick [at] Assoc
Rebecca Kraft rebecca.kraft [at] Fed
Brian Lang brian.lang [at] Fed
Jacqueline L. Mann jacqueline.mann [at] Fed
Anthony F. Marlow anthony.marlow [at] Assoc
Korina Menking-Hoggatt korina.menking-hoggatt [at] Fed
John L. Molloy john.molloy [at] Fed
Antonio Montoro Bustos antonio.montorobustos [at] Assoc
Karen E. Murphy karen.murphy [at] Assoc
Karen E. Murphy karen.murphy [at] Assoc
Kenneth W. Pratt kenneth.pratt [at] Assoc
Roxanne Queen roxanne.queen [at] Fed
Bruce Scruggs bruce.scruggs [at] Fed
Thomas W. Vetter thomas.vetter [at] Fed
Robert D. Vocke Jr. robert.vocke [at] Assoc
Jason Waters jason.waters [at] Fed
Allyson Wesley allyson.wesley [at] Fed
Michael R. Winchester mwinchester [at] Fed
Lee L. Yu lee.yu [at] Fed

Optical Measurements Group

Name Email Staff type
Erin Adkins erin.adkins [at] Fed
D. Michelle Bailey diana.bailey [at] Fed
Eric Crump eric.crump [at] Assoc
Adam Fleisher adam.fleisher [at] Fed
Monica Flores Assoc
Eisen Gross eisen.gross [at] Assoc
Joseph T. Hodges joseph.hodges [at] Fed
Erin McCaughey Assoc
John Miller Assoc
Zachary Reed zachary.reed [at] Fed
Abneesh Srivastava abneesh.srivastava [at] Fed
Gar Wing Truong Assoc
Mechelle Vinson mechelle.vinson [at] Fed

Organic Chemical Metrology Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Kate Rimmer Group Leader catherine.rimmer [at] Fed
Christine Kuenzli Group Office Manager christine.kuenzli [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Bruce A. Benner Jr. bruce.benner [at] Fed
Aysel Berkkan aysel.berkkan [at] IntlAssoc
Johanna Camara johanna.camara [at] Fed
Megan Chambers megan.chambers [at] Fed
Ya Chih Cheng yachih.cheng [at] IntlAssoc
Hugh Hayes hugh.hayes [at] Fed
Sanem Hosbas Coskun sanem.hosbascoskun [at] Assoc
Randy Isenburg randy.isenburg [at] Fed
Christine Kuenzli christine.kuenzli [at] Fed
Abraham Kuri Cruz abraham.kuricruz [at] IntlAssoc
William A. MacCrehan william.maccrehan [at] Assoc
Jerome Mulloor jerome.mulloor [at] Fed
Jacolin Murray jacolin.murray [at] Fed
Benjamin Place [at] Fed
Kate Rimmer catherine.rimmer [at] Fed
Alix Rodowa alix.rodowa [at] Fed
Aaron Urbas aaron.urbas [at] Fed
Walter Brent Wilson walter.wilson [at] Fed
Elena Wood elena.wood [at] Fed
Andrea Yarberry andrea.yarberry [at] Fed
Edward Yeager Ctr