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Inorganic Chemical Metrology Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
John L. Molloy Group Leader (Acting) john.molloy [at] Fed
Roxanne Queen Group Office Manager roxanne.queen [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Colleen E. Bryan Sallee colleen.bryansallee [at] Fed
Therese A. Butler therese.butler [at] Assoc
George Caceres george.caceres [at] Assoc
Steven J. Christopher steven.christopher [at] Fed
Preston Connors preston.connors [at] Assoc
Elizabeth Crowther elizabeth.crowther [at] Fed
Regina Easley regina.easley [at] Fed
Michael Fong michael.fong [at] Fed
Liliana Gilster liliana.gilster [at] Assoc
Zhendong Ji zhendong.ji [at] IntlAssoc
Monique Johnson monique.johnson [at] Fed
Jenna Klingsick jenna.klingsick [at] Assoc
Rebecca Kraft rebecca.kraft [at] Fed
Brian Lang brian.lang [at] Fed
Jacqueline L. Mann jacqueline.mann [at] Fed
Anthony F. Marlow anthony.marlow [at] Assoc
Korina Menking-Hoggatt korina.menking-hoggatt [at] Fed
John L. Molloy john.molloy [at] Fed
Antonio Montoro Bustos antonio.montorobustos [at] Assoc
Karen E. Murphy karen.murphy [at] Assoc
Karen E. Murphy karen.murphy [at] Assoc
Kenneth W. Pratt kenneth.pratt [at] Assoc
Roxanne Queen roxanne.queen [at] Fed
Bruce Scruggs bruce.scruggs [at] Fed
Thomas W. Vetter thomas.vetter [at] Fed
Robert D. Vocke Jr. robert.vocke [at] Assoc
Jason Waters jason.waters [at] Fed
Allyson Wesley allyson.wesley [at] Fed
Michael R. Winchester mwinchester [at] Fed
Lee L. Yu lee.yu [at] Fed