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William P Krekelberg

My field of expertise is computational statistical mechanics, in particular, the application of molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo methods to the study of fluids. My research focuses primarily on connecting structural and dynamical properties of complex fluids.  Currently, we are investigating the effects of surface interactions on the transport properties of confined fluids, as well as investigating the conformational transitions associated with polymers grafted to surfaces.


Relation Between Pore Size and the Compressibility of a Confi ned Fluid

Daniel W. Siderius, Vincent K. Shen, William P. Krekelberg, Gennady Y. Gor, Christopher J. Rasmussen, Noam Bernstein
When a fluid is conned to a nanopore, its thermodynamic properties differ from the properties of a bulk fluid. Measuring certain properties of con fined fluid
Created October 9, 2019