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Huaiyu Heather Chen-Mayer (Fed)

Current and past research interest at NIST:

2016 – Present: Physicist, Chemical Process and Nuclear Measurements Group, Chemical Sciences Division, MML

  • Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis (PGAA)
  • Cold neutron beam activation analysis instrumentation and electronics
  • In-neutron beam prompt and decay gamma ray spectrometry
  • Prompt and decay gamma ray imaging 
  • Chloride in concrete analysis by neutron generator based PGAA
  • MCNP modeling of PGAA system

2010 – 2016: Physicist, Radioactivity Group, Radiation Physics Division, PML

  • Development of CT dose standard, direct determination of absorbed dose to phantom using calorimetry
  • Development of CT imaging standard specifically for lung density CT applications and statistical modeling of lung density data
  • Finite element modeling for CT dosimetry

2003 - 2010: Physicist, Dosimetry Group, Radiation Physics Division, PML

  • Water calorimetry as a primary absorbed dose standard in Cobalt-60 and linear accelerator
  • Ultrasound thermometry for radiation dose measurement
  • Finite element modeling of conduction and convection heat transfer in water

1995 - 2003: Physicist, Nuclear Methods Group, Analytical Chemistry Division, CSTL

  • Neutron beam focusing using capillary optics applied to nuclear analytical techniques, specifically Prompt gamma activation analysis and Neutron depth profiling

1990 - 1995: Guest Researcher, Nuclear Methods Group, Analytical Chemistry Division, CSTL

  • Neutron beam focusing using capillary optics


Emission Ghost Imaging: reconstruction with data augmentation

Kevin J. Coakley, Heather H. Chen-Mayer, Bruce D. Ravel, Daniel Josell, Nikolai Klimov, Sarah Robinson, Daniel S. Hussey
Ghost Imaging enables 2D reconstruction of an object even though particles transmitted or emitted by the object of interest are detected with a single pixel

Calorimetry in Computed Tomography Beams

Heather H. Chen-Mayer, Ronald Tosh, Fred B. Bateman, Paul Bergstrom, Brian E. Zimmerman
A portable calorimeter for direct realization of absorbed dose in medical computed tomography (CT) procedures was constructed and tested in a positron emission
Created October 9, 2019, Updated February 16, 2024