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Huong Giang Nguyen

Research Chemist

Dr. Nguyen is a member of the Facility for Adsorbent Characterization and Testing, where she is working on creating reference data and establishing protocols for gas adsorption measurements, which provide information on the gas uptake capability of a material for applications in carbon dioxide capture, methane and hydrogen gas storage, gas separation, and catalysis. Her focus is on gravimetric instruments and binary gas sorption instruments.


Carbon Capture and Storage Properties of Porous Octahedral Molecular Sieve

Matthew Lawson, Jarod C. Horn, Winnie K. Wong-Ng, Laura Espinal, Huong Giang T. Nguyen, James A. Kaduk, Saul H. Lapidus, Yongtao Meng, Steven L. Suib, Lan Li
Based on the experimentally determined framework structure of porous MnO2 octahedral molecular sieve (OMS)-5, we used density functional theory-based
Created March 26, 2019, Updated March 10, 2020