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Chemical Informatics Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Nathan Mahynski Group Leader (Acting) nathan.mahynski [at] Fed
Patricia Crawford Group Office Manager patricia.crawford [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Thomas C. Allison thomas.allison [at] Fed
Niksa Blonder niksa.blonder [at] Fed
Rebecca Carlson rebecca.carlson [at] Fed
Alexandros Chremos alexandros.chremos [at] Fed
Harold Hatch harold.hatch [at] Fed
Karl K. Irikura karl.irikura [at] Fed
William P. Krekelberg william.krekelberg [at] Fed
Nathan Mahynski nathan.mahynski [at] Fed
Jared Ragland jared.ragland [at] Fed
Samiha Sharlin samiha.sharlin [at] IntlAssoc
David Sheen david.sheen [at] Fed
Vincent K. Shen vincent.shen [at] Fed
Daniel Siderius daniel.siderius [at] Fed