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Donald R. Burgess Jr. (Fed)

Dr. Burgess's research interests include thermochemistry, chemical kinetics, computational chemistry, and data science activities.

Dr. Burgess is coeditor of The Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data.

Evaluated Datasets


Binary Metal-Carbon Phase-Transition Temperatures

Donald R. Burgess Jr.
In this work, we compiled and evaluated eutectic and peritectic phase-transition temperatures for metal-carbon (e.g., Co-C, Re-C) and metal carbide-carbon

Melting Points and Boiling Points for the Alkali Metals

Nikhila Narayana, Donald R. Burgess Jr.
In this work, we compiled, evaluated, and select recommended values for use for the melting points and boiling points of the alkali metals: lithium (Li), sodium
Created May 31, 2018, Updated December 8, 2022