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Donald R. Burgess Jr. (Fed)

Dr. Burgess's research interests include thermochemistry, chemical kinetics, computational chemistry, and data science activities.

Dr. Burgess is coeditor of The Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data.

Evaluated Datasets


Modeling of Combustion of Fluorine-Containing Refrigerants

Valeri I. Babushok, Donald R. Burgess Jr., Dennis Kim, Michael Hegetschweiler, Gregory T. Linteris
A gas-phase chemical kinetic model for the combustion of C1-C3 fluorine-containing refrigerants is presented, including a list of relevant species, their

Fifty Years of Reference Data

Allan Harvey, Donald Burgess
(Editorial introducing Volume 50 of the Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data)

Editorial: (Slight) Expansion in Scope for JPCRD

Allan H. Harvey, Donald R. Burgess Jr.
Editorial describing expansion of journal Scope for JPCRD to accept some original experimental and theoretical work if it provides "reference data" that can be
Created May 31, 2018, Updated December 8, 2022