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About CSD

The Chemical Sciences Division provides the measurement science, standards, technology, data and chemical informatics required to support the nation’s needs in the determination of chemical composition and chemical structure of gases, organic, and inorganic species and in the measurement of a wide variety of chemical properties and processes, including chemical reactivity and mechanisms, and thermochemical properties.  In partnership with U.S. industry, government agencies, and academic scientific institutions, the Division performs fundamental and applied research to advance and create state-of-the-art chemical measurement capabilities, theory and computational methods for quantitative measurements, and sensing of solids, liquids, gases, plasmas, transient species, and multicomponent matrices.

The Division also formulates and disseminates reference materials and measurement standards, and critically evaluates reference data. These activities support the chemical science, technology, and engineering enterprise with the intent of fostering innovation and confidence in measurements and technologies used in a wide range of applications, including chemical analysis, environmental and climate assessment, clinical health assessment, food and nutritional assessment, sensing, manufacturing, and energy transformation.

Created January 11, 2017