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Tutorials in Analytical Chemistry


Video Topics

The following videos and corresponding PowerPoint presentations  are provided for training and education in chemical metrology. Each presentation provides an introduction to different aspects of laboratory operations for the analysis of complex matrix samples. Topics include theory and practice of liquid chromatography, sample extraction and processing, data treatment, and practical aspects of quantitative analysis. Most of the presentations contain a mixture of PowerPoint slides and video segments to illustrate basic principles and procedures for each topic.  The same content is provided in the video and PowerPoint formats.


Topic Links
Liquid Chromatography: Introduction and Instrumentation  PowerPoint
Volumetric Transfer of Liquids  PowerPoint
Troubleshooting Liquid Chromatographic Instrumentation and Methods  PowerPoint
Soxhlet Extractions  PowerPoint
Principles of Quantitation: Chromatography PowerPoint
Calibration PowerPoint
Plumbing for Liquid Chromatography  PowerPoint
Pressurized Fluid Extraction  PowerPoint
Determination of Liquid Density  PowerPoint
Preparation of Calibration Solutions  PowerPoint
Use of Analytical Balances  N/A
Sample Concentration and Processing  PowerPoint
What is Chromatography All About?  PowerPoint
Liquid Chromatography Column Theory and Technology  PowerPoint
Liquid Chromatography: Introduction to Method Development  PowerPoint
Solid Phase Extraction  PowerPoint
Seminar:  Progress Towards an Understanding of Shape Recognition in Liquid Chromatography PowerPoint






Contributions of the National Institute of Standards and Technology.  Not subject to copyright.  Certain commercial equipment, instruments, or materials are identified to specify adequately the experimental procedure. Such identification does not imply recommendation or endorsement by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, nor does it imply that the materials or equipment identified are the best available for the purpose.

Created November 14, 2016, Updated September 26, 2019