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Vladimir L. Orkin (Fed)


Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)

Vladimir L. Orkin, Stephen A. Montzka, Guus J. Velders, Paul B. Krummel, Malte Meinshausen, J. Muhle, Sunyoung Park

Deriving global OH abundance and atmospheric lifetimes for long-lived gases: A search for the alternative reference gas for CH3CCl3.

Qing Liang, Martyn P. Chipperfield, Eric L. Fleming, Luke Abraham, Peter Braesicke, James B. Burkholder, John S. Daniels, Sandip Dhomse, Steven C. Hardiman, Charles H. Jackman, Douglas E. Kinnison, Stephen A. Montzka, Olaf Morgenstern, Archie McCulloch, Paul A. Newman, Vladimir L. Orkin, Giovanni Pitari, Matthew Rigby, Eugene Rozanov, Fiona Tummon, Guus J. Velders, Daniele Visioni
An accurate estimate of global hydroxyl radical (OH) abundance is important for projections of air quality, climate, and stratospheric ozone layer recovery. As
Created October 9, 2019, Updated September 7, 2022