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Chemical Process and Nuclear Measurements Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Christopher D. Zangmeister Group Leader christopher.zangmeister [at] Fed
Patricia Crawford Group Office Manager patricia.crawford [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Donald R. Burgess Jr. donald.burgess [at] Fed
James Carroll Fed
Heather H. Chen-Mayer heather.chen-mayer [at] Fed
Christopher Chiara christopher.chiara [at] Assoc
Patricia Crawford patricia.crawford [at] Fed
Lilya Fraigui lilya.fraigui [at] IntlAssoc
Stephanie Jacoby stephanie.jacoby [at] Assoc
Evan Jahrman evan.jahrman [at] Fed
Berc Kalanyan berc.kalanyan [at] Fed
Jeffrey A. Manion jeffrey.manion [at] Fed
Chun Ning Mao chunning.mao [at] IntlAssoc
James E. Maslar james.maslar [at] Fed
William Sean McGivern sean.mcgivern [at] Fed
Ana Morales ana.morales [at] Fed
Huong Giang Nguyen huong.nguyen [at] Fed
Vladimir L. Orkin vladimir.orkin [at] Fed
Rick L. Paul rick.paul [at] Fed
James Radney jimmy.radney [at] Fed
Nicholas Sharp [at] Fed
Mark Sobolewski mark.sobolewski [at] Fed
Maria Isabel Vega Martinez maria.vegamartinez [at] IntlAssoc
Jamie Weaver jamie.weaver [at] Fed
Christopher D. Zangmeister christopher.zangmeister [at] Fed