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Organic Chemical Metrology Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Kate Rimmer Group Leader catherine.rimmer [at] Fed
Christine Kuenzli Group Office Manager christine.kuenzli [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Bruce A. Benner Jr. bruce.benner [at] Fed
Aysel Berkkan aysel.berkkan [at] IntlAssoc
Johanna Camara johanna.camara [at] Fed
Megan Chambers megan.chambers [at] Fed
Ya Chih Cheng yachih.cheng [at] IntlAssoc
Hugh Hayes hugh.hayes [at] Fed
Sanem Hosbas Coskun sanem.hosbascoskun [at] Assoc
Randy Isenburg randy.isenburg [at] Fed
Christine Kuenzli christine.kuenzli [at] Fed
Abraham Kuri Cruz abraham.kuricruz [at] IntlAssoc
William A. MacCrehan william.maccrehan [at] Assoc
Jerome Mulloor jerome.mulloor [at] Fed
Jacolin Murray jacolin.murray [at] Fed
Benjamin Place [at] Fed
Kate Rimmer catherine.rimmer [at] Fed
Alix Rodowa alix.rodowa [at] Fed
Aaron Urbas aaron.urbas [at] Fed
Walter Brent Wilson walter.wilson [at] Fed
Elena Wood elena.wood [at] Fed
Andrea Yarberry andrea.yarberry [at] Fed
Edward Yeager Ctr