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Biochemical and Exposure Science Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
John Kucklick Group Leader john.kucklick [at] Fed
LaTasha Sanders Group Office Manager latasha.sanders [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Amanda Bayless amanda.bayless [at] Fed
Ashley Boggs-Russell ashley.russell [at] Fed
Carolyn Burdette carolyn.burdette [at] Fed
Fabio Casu fabio.n.casu [at] Fed
Amy Cuthbertson amy.cuthbertson [at] Fed
Clay Davis clay.davis [at] Fed
Kevin Huncik kevin.huncik [at] Fed
John Kucklick john.kucklick [at] Fed
Jennifer Lynch jennifer.lynch [at] Fed
Ben Neely benjamin.neely [at] Fed
Jessica Reiner jessica.reiner [at] Fed
LaTasha Sanders latasha.sanders [at] Fed
Tracey Schock tracey.johnston [at] Fed
Katherine Shaw [at] Fed