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Materials Measurement Science Division Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Brian Bush Division Safety Representative brian.bush [at] Fed
Gabrielle Grossnicklaus Division Office Manager (Acting) gabrielle.grossnicklaus [at] Fed
Dave Holbrook Division Chief dave.holbrook [at] Fed

Data and AI-Driven Materials Science Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Francesca Tavazza Group Leader francesca.tavazza [at] Fed
Gabrielle Grossnicklaus Group Secretary gabrielle.grossnicklaus [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Brian DeCost brian.decost [at] Fed
Laura Espinal laura.espinalthielen [at] Fed
Gabrielle Grossnicklaus gabrielle.grossnicklaus [at] Fed
Emily Holcombe emily.holcombe [at] Fed
Howie Joress howie.joress [at] Fed
A. Gilad Kusne aaron.kusne [at] Fed
Austin McDannald austin.mcdannald [at] Fed
Behnam Nikoobakht behnam.nikoobakht [at] Assoc
Jason Nunley jason.nunley [at] Assoc
Francesca Tavazza francesca.tavazza [at] Fed
Zachary Trautt zachary.trautt [at] Fed
Camilo Velez camilo.velezramirez [at] Assoc

Materials Measurement Science Division - HQ

Name Email Staff type
Dave Holbrook dave.holbrook [at] Fed
Marcela Najarro marcela.najarro [at] Fed
Dale E. Newbury dale.newbury [at] Assoc
John Henry J. Scott johnhenry.scott [at] Fed
Edward Sisco edward.sisco [at] Fed

Materials Structure and Data Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Igor Levin Group Leader igor.levin [at] Fed
Jessica Torres Group Secretary (Acting) jessica.torres [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Andrew J. Allen andrew.allen [at] Fed
Joseph Aroh joseph.aroh [at] Fed
David R. Black [at] Fed
John Bonini john.bonini [at] Fed
Eric J. Cockayne eric.cockayne [at] Fed
Julia Dana julia.dana [at] Ctr
Benjamin Dolata benjamin.dolata [at] Fed
Maksim Eremenko maksim.eremenko [at] IntlAssoc
Kevin Garrity kevin.garrity [at] Fed
Shakeria Glynn shakeria.glynn [at] Fed
Lynnora Grant lynnora.grant [at] Fed
Alice Greenberg Fed
Andrew Herzing andrew.herzing [at] Fed
Kimberly Hill kimberly.hill [at] Ctr
Aaron Johnston-Peck aaron.johnston-peck [at] Fed
Amrit Kafle amrit.kafle [at] IntlAssoc
Victor Krayzman victor.krayzman [at] Assoc
William J. Laws william.laws [at] Fed
Igor Levin igor.levin [at] Fed
Russell Maier russell.maier [at] Fed
Terrell A. Vanderah terrell.vanderah [at] Assoc
Winnie Wong-Ng winnie.wong-ng [at] Fed
Jarod Worden jarod.worden [at] Fed
Fan Zhang fan.zhang [at] Fed

Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Chris A. Michaels Group Leader chris.michaels [at] Fed
Valentina Coppola Group Secretary valentina.coppola [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Gregory E. Adams gregory.adams [at] Fed
Michael Bradley Assoc
Steven A. Buntin steven.buntin [at] Fed
Karen DeRocher karen.derocher [at] Fed
Sebastian Engmann sebastian.engmann [at] Assoc
Andrew Gayle andrew.gayle [at] Fed
Terrence J. Jach terrence.jach [at] Fed
Sasawat Jamnuch sasawat.jamnuch [at] IntlAssoc
Frederick Meisenkothen frederick.meisenkothen [at] Fed
Chris A. Michaels chris.michaels [at] Fed
Adam Newberry Ctr
Nicholas Ritchie nicholas.ritchie [at] Fed
Steven W. Robey steven.robey [at] Fed
Keana C. K. Scott keana.scott [at] Fed
Matthew Sparacino matthew.sparacino [at] Fed
Eric B. Steel eric.steel [at] Assoc
Gregory Sweeney gregory.sweeney [at] Fed
Barbara B. Thorne barbara.thorne [at] Fed
Dayanara Torres dayanara.torres [at] Assoc
Jessica Trimble jessica.trimble [at] Assoc
Elizabeth Umeda Assoc
Edward P. Vicenzi edward.vicenzi [at] Fed
Tana Villafana tana.e.villafana [at] Assoc
John Vinson john.vinson [at] Fed
Stephanie Vuckovic Fed
Scott A. Wight scott.wight [at] Fed
Donald Windover donald.windover [at] Fed
Eric S. Windsor eric.windsor [at] Fed

Nano Materials Research Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Justin Gorham Group Leader justin.gorham [at] Fed
Jessica Torres Group Secretary jessica.torres [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Tae Joon Cho taejoon.cho [at] Fed
Joseph M. Conny joseph.conny [at] Assoc
Justin Gorham justin.gorham [at] Fed
Vincent A. Hackley vince.hackley [at] Fed
Debra L. Kaiser debra.kaiser [at] Assoc
Abigail P. Lindstrom abigail.lindstrom [at] Fed
Chase McCabe Ctr
George Mulholland george.mulholland [at] Assoc
Babak Nikoobakht babak.nikoobakht [at] Fed
Babak Nikoobakht babak.nikoobakht [at] Fed
Diana Ortiz-Montalvo diana.ortiz-montalvo [at] Fed
John Pettibone john.pettibone [at] Fed
Cedric J. Powell cedric.powell [at] Assoc
Evangelos Tassopoulos Ctr
Jessica Torres jessica.torres [at] Fed

Nanomechanical Properties Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Mark McLean Group Leader mark.mclean [at] Fed
Jessica Torres Group Secretary jessica.torres [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Brian Bush brian.bush [at] Fed
Cristian Ciobanu cristian.ciobanu [at] Assoc
James Cline james.cline [at] Fed
Richard S. Gates richard.gates [at] Assoc
Yvonne Gerbig yvonne.gerbig [at] Fed
Dylan Kirsch dylan.kirsch [at] Fed
Tamara Koledin tamara.koledin [at] Assoc
Joshua B. Martin joshua.martin [at] Fed
Mark McLean mark.mclean [at] Fed
Marcus Mendenhall marcus.mendenhall [at] Fed
Ashot Nazarian ashot.nazarian [at] Assoc
William Alexander Osborn william.osborn [at] Fed
Cary Presser cary.presser [at] Assoc
George D. Quinn george.quinn [at] Assoc
Sreenivas Raguraman sreenivas.raguraman [at] IntlAssoc
Lakshmi Ravi Narayan lakshmi.ravinarayan [at] IntlAssoc
Richard E. Ricker richard.ricker [at] Assoc
Gheorghe Stan gheorghe.stan [at] Fed
Mark D. Vaudin mark.vaudin [at] Assoc
Feng Yi feng.yi [at] Fed

Security Technologies Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Nicholas G. Paulter Jr. Group Leader nicholas.paulter [at] Fed
Gabrielle Grossnicklaus Group Secretary gabrielle.grossnicklaus [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Dwight D. Barry dwight.barry [at] Fed
Lakshmanan Chelladurai lakshmanan.chelladurai [at] IntlAssoc
Atik Faisal atik.faisal [at] IntlAssoc
Amanda L. Forster amanda.forster [at] Fed
Robsun Gina robsun.gina [at] IntlAssoc
Katarina Goodge katarina.goodge [at] Fed
John Jendzurski john.jendzurski [at] Fed
Alexander Landauer alexander.landauer [at] Fed
Maxwell Mevorah maxwell.mevorah [at] Assoc
Nicholas G. Paulter Jr. nicholas.paulter [at] Fed
Michael A. Riley michael.riley [at] Fed
Jack Smith Ctr
Ran Tao ran.tao [at] Assoc
Zois Tsinas zois.tsinas [at] IntlAssoc
Cecelia Vederman cecelia.vederman [at] Assoc
Steven Weinman steven.weinman [at] Assoc
Charlotte Wentz charlotte.wentz [at] Fed

Surface and Trace Chemical Analysis Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Joe Bennett Group Leader joseph.bennett [at] Fed
Lyschelle Mitchell Group Secretary lyschelle.mitchell [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Meghan Appley meghan.appley [at] Assoc
Joe Bennett joseph.bennett [at] Fed
Natalie Borga natalie.borga [at] Fed
David S. Bright david.bright [at] Assoc
Briana Capistran briana.capistran [at] Fed
Edward Carter edward.carter [at] Fed
Ruthmara Corzo ruthmara.corzo [at] Fed
Laura Coyoy laura.coyoy [at] Assoc
Joanna Eldon-Edington joanna.eldon-edington [at] Assoc
John D. Fassett john.fassett [at] Assoc
William Feeney william.feeney [at] Fed
Robert A. Fletcher robert.fletcher [at] Fed
Thomas P. Forbes thomas.forbes [at] Fed
J Greg Gillen j.gillen [at] Fed
Evan Groopman evan.groopman [at] Fed
Johnny Ho johnny.ho [at] Fed
Marissa Ho marissa.ho [at] Assoc
Jeffrey Lawrence jeffrey.lawrence [at] Fed
Lyschelle Mitchell lyschelle.mitchell [at] Fed
Shin Muramoto shinichiro.muramoto [at] Fed
Colby Ott [at] Fed
Elise Pyfrom elise.pyfrom [at] Assoc
Liz Robinson elizabeth.l.robinson [at] Fed
David S. Simons david.simons [at] Assoc
Matthew E. Staymates matthew.staymates [at] Fed
R. Michael Verkouteren r.verkouteren [at] Fed
Todd Williamson todd.williamson [at] Fed
Cynthia J. Zeissler cynthia.zeissler [at] Assoc

Synchrotron Science Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Daniel A. Fischer Group Leader daniel.fischer [at] Fed
Shakeria Glynn Group Secretary shakeria.glynn [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Raymond Browning Ctr
Daniel A. Fischer daniel.fischer [at] Fed
Eliot Gann eliot.gann [at] Assoc
Cherno Jaye cherno.jaye [at] Fed
Johnny Kirkland Ctr
Bruce D. Ravel bruce.ravel [at] Fed
Jean Sweet Assoc
Charles Titus charles.titus [at] Fed
Conan Weiland conan.weiland [at] Fed
Joseph Woicik joseph.woicik [at] Fed