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Data and AI-Driven Materials Science Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Francesca Tavazza Group Leader francesca.tavazza [at] Fed
Gabrielle Grossnicklaus Group Secretary gabrielle.grossnicklaus [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Brian DeCost brian.decost [at] Fed
Laura Espinal laura.espinalthielen [at] Fed
Gabrielle Grossnicklaus gabrielle.grossnicklaus [at] Fed
Emily Holcombe emily.holcombe [at] Fed
Howie Joress howie.joress [at] Fed
A. Gilad Kusne aaron.kusne [at] Fed
Austin McDannald austin.mcdannald [at] Fed
Behnam Nikoobakht behnam.nikoobakht [at] Assoc
Jason Nunley jason.nunley [at] Assoc
Francesca Tavazza francesca.tavazza [at] Fed
Zachary Trautt zachary.trautt [at] Fed