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Nano Materials Research Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Justin Gorham Group Leader justin.gorham [at] Fed
Jessica Torres Group Secretary jessica.torres [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Jace Bell jace.bell [at] Assoc
Tae Joon Cho taejoon.cho [at] Fed
Joseph M. Conny joseph.conny [at] Assoc
Justin Gorham justin.gorham [at] Fed
Vincent A. Hackley vince.hackley [at] Fed
Debra L. Kaiser debra.kaiser [at] Assoc
Selana Kurutan selana.kurutan [at] Assoc
Joanna Li [at] Assoc
Abigail P. Lindstrom abigail.lindstrom [at] Fed
Chase McCabe Ctr
George Mulholland george.mulholland [at] Assoc
Babak Nikoobakht babak.nikoobakht [at] Fed
Babak Nikoobakht babak.nikoobakht [at] Fed
Diana Ortiz-Montalvo diana.ortiz-montalvo [at] Fed
John Pettibone john.pettibone [at] Fed
Cedric J. Powell cedric.powell [at] Assoc
Evangelos Tassopoulos Ctr
Jessica Torres jessica.torres [at] Fed