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Abigail P. Lindstrom (Fed)

From 1994 to 1997, Abby was an analyst at GP Environmental Services where she prepared soils and waters for metal and organic analyses. Methods included ICP-OES, hot acid digestion, and leaching tests. She then moved into wet chemistry, where she used a wide variety of EPA methods to analyze aqueous samples for a variety of analytes, including halides, sulfate, pH, total Kjeldahl nitrogen (TKN), and total phosphorus.

In August 1997, she began her NIST career in the Analytical Chemistry Division working on certification of spectrometric solution SRMs using ICP-OES. In May 2001, she transferred to the Surface and Microanalysis Science Division as a specialist in sample preparation of particles, working in cleanroom environments when necessary, to support programs in optical and electron microscopies, secondary ion mass spectrometry, autoradiography, and nuclear track techniques.




Single-element solution comparisons with a high-performance inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometric method
Salit ML, Turk GC, Lindstrom AP, Butler TA, Beck CM, Norman B
ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 73, 4821-4829 (2001)

Determination of Si in Standard Reference Material SRM 295x Silica-on-Filter
Lee L. Yu, John D. Fassett and Abigail P. Lindstrom
Journal Analytical and Atmospheric Spectrometry 18, 738-741 (2003)

Automated Analysis of Organic Particles Using Cluster SIMS
Gillen, J. G., Zeissler, C. J., Fahey Mahoney, C. M., Lindstrom, A. P., Fletcher, R. A., Chi, P., Verkouteren, J. R., Bright, D. S., Lareau, R., Boldman, M.
Applied Surface Science 231-232, (2004)


Automated Analysis of Organic Particles Using Cluster SIMS

John G. Gillen, Cynthia J. Zeissler, Christine M. Mahoney, Abigail P. Lindstrom, Robert A. Fletcher, P Chi, Jennifer R. Verkouteren, David S. Bright, R Lareau, M Boldman
Cluster primary ion bombardment combined with secondary ion imaging is used in an ion microscope secondary ion mass spectrometer for the spatially resolved
Created July 30, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022