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Automated Analysis of Organic Particles Using Cluster SIMS



John G. Gillen, Cynthia J. Zeissler, Christine M. Mahoney, Abigail P. Lindstrom, Robert A. Fletcher, P Chi, Jennifer R. Verkouteren, David S. Bright, R Lareau, M Boldman


Cluster primary ion bombardment combined with secondary ion imaging is used in an ion microscope secondary ion mass spectrometer for the spatially resolved analysis of organic particles on various surfaces. Compared to the use of monoatomic primary ion beam bombardment, the use of a cluster primary ion beam (SF5+ or C8-) provides significant improvement in molecular ion yields and a reduction in beam-induced degradation of the analyte molecules. These characteristics of cluster bombardment are utilized, along with automated sample stage control and custom image analysis software, to rapidly characterize the spatial distribution of trace explosive particles, narcotics and inkjet-printed micro arrays on a variety of surfaces.
Applied Surface Science


cluster SIMS, explosives, inkjet, particle searching, polyatomic ion


Gillen, J. , Zeissler, C. , Mahoney, C. , Lindstrom, A. , Fletcher, R. , Chi, P. , Verkouteren, J. , Bright, D. , Lareau, R. and Boldman, M. (2004), Automated Analysis of Organic Particles Using Cluster SIMS, Applied Surface Science (Accessed June 13, 2024)


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Created June 1, 2004, Updated February 19, 2017