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Matthew E Staymates (Fed)

Mechanical Engineer / Fluid Dynamicist

Research interests focus on improving trace drug and explosives detection systems, developing next-generation detection technologies, and advancing forensic chemistry with scientific visualization. His expertise is in advanced fluid flow visualization and flow diagnostic techniques, including schlieren and shadowgraphy, high-speed imaging, and laser sheet flow visualization. Computational fluid dynamics, schlieren imaging, high-speed videography, laser light-sheet flow visualization, and other traditional flow diagnostic methods are used to investigate the performance of current trace detection technology. Research is also focused on enhancing non-contact aerodynamic sampling in next-generation trace detection equipment.

Other interests include standard explosive microparticle fabrication, particle release mechanisms, and precise material deposition for stand-off explosive detection instrumentation. Matthew serves as the Explosives Safety Officer for the division and oversees the safe handling of high explosives and energetic materials. 



2023 MML Accolade - Collaboration and Teamwork for BARDA mask challenge

2021 Department of Commerce Bronze Medal Award - COVID-19 mask related research

2021 Shorty Award - "Best in Public Health", COVID-19 mask related research

2017 United Nations NetExplo Award - Global Digital Innovation award for artificial dog nose program

2017 MML Accolade - Strategic Partnership award for artificial dog nose program

2014 Best Micrograph of 2014 - European Society for Biomaterials

2013 Department of Commerce Silver Medal Award - Trace Explosives Detection Program


Selected Publications


Patents (2018-Present)

Infrared Thermal Desorber And Performing Infrared Thermal Desorption

NIST Inventors
Matthew E Staymates and Thomas P. Forbes
An infrared thermal desorber includes a desorption housing; an infrared source receiver that receives an infrared emission source; an infrared absorber receiver that receives an infrared absorber, such that the infrared absorber receiver produces thermal energy emission; an analyte target receiver

Infrared Thermal Desorption Methods And Systems

NIST Inventors
Matthew E Staymates and Thomas P. Forbes
Methods and systems are provided for infrared thermal desorbers that incorporate broad spectrum infrared radiation and thermal energy storage for high temperature desorption of trace chemicals from wipe collected samples and directly from target surfaces for chemical analysis. The systems described
Created October 9, 2019, Updated October 16, 2023