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Matthew E Staymates (Fed)

Mechanical Engineer / Fluid Dynamicist

Research interests focus on improved metrology techniques for the evaluation of trace explosives and narcotics detection technology. Computational fluid dynamics, schlieren imaging, high-speed videography, laser light-sheet flow visualization, and other traditional flow diagnostic methods are used to investigate the performance of current trace detection technology. Research is also focused on enhancing non-contact aerodynamic sampling in next-generation trace detection equipment.

Other interests include standard explosive microparticle fabrication, particle release mechanisms, and precise material deposition for stand-off explosive detection instrumentation. Matthew serves as the Explosives Safety Officer for the division and oversees the safe handling of high explosives and energetic materials. 


Optimization of Confined DART-MS

Edward R. Sisco, Matthew E. Staymates, Thomas P. Forbes
The use of direct analysis in real time mass spectrometry (DART-MS) is seeing increased use in a number of fields, including forensic science, environmental



NIST Inventors
Matthew E Staymates and Thomas P. Forbes
patent description The invention described here consists of a number of systems that incorporate broad spectrum infrared radiation and thermal energy storage for high-temperature thermal desorption of trace chemicals. This thermal desorption process can happen both from wipe-collected sample or
Created October 9, 2019, Updated September 7, 2022