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Head-Only And/Or Whole Body Inhalation Exposure Chamber

Patent Number: 11,253,347


Drug delivery system to facilitate pathogenesis / host response in primates and facilitate aerosol exposure of biological, chemical or radiological agents to animal models.

patent description

This invention improves on a system that delivers biological, chemical, or radiological agents to primates or other model animals to study pathogenesis / host response. Before this invention, the delivery system for these agents was simply a box that the animal was placed into. This box had inconsistent and non-uniform aerodynamic flow fields within and did not deliver a uniform dosing to the subject. The new design / invention considers the fluid dynamics of the interior flow field and establishes a homogeneous flow field thus delivering a known and consistent dose to the subject. Please see the invention disclosure from the US ARMY, USAMRIID for additional details and specifications.

Created September 19, 2022, Updated December 15, 2023