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James P. Cline

Project Leader, Diffraction Metrology and Standards

Jim Cline’s work at NIST is focused primarily on the certification of Standard Reference Materials for use with powder diffraction techniques.  A central issue is the linking of diffraction measurements to the fundamental units of length, the Système international, through the certification of crystallographic lattice dimensions.   Additional issues addressed by the suite of diffraction SRMs include crystalline phase quantification, measurement of amorphous content, instrument characterization and microstructure analyses.  The  Diffraction Metrology and Standards program entails the development of equipment, data analysis techniques and the engineering of microstructures that are specific to the requirements of SRMs that can effectively serve the diffraction community.


DOC Silver Medal, 2014 


The Molybdenum K-shell X-ray Emission Spectrum

Marcus H. Mendenhall, Lawrence T. Hudson, Csilla I. Szabo-Foster, Albert Henins, James P. Cline
Abstract We present newly measured spectra of the X-ray emission of a molybdenum metal anode subject to electron bombardment, using a very high dispersion

Contemporary x-ray wavelength metrology and traceability

Lawrence T. Hudson, James P. Cline, Albert Henins, Marcus H. Mendenhall, Csilla I. Szabo-Foster
We report recent advances in absolute x-ray wavelength metrology in the context of producing modern standard reference data. Primary standard x-ray wavelengths
Created October 9, 2019