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About MMSD

Welcome to the Materials Measurement Science Division (MMSD). We conduct a mixture of mission-based fundamental research, standards production and applied science and engineering to enable innovation in U.S. Industry and address measurement science needs of our various other agency (OA) partners. MMSD is one of the larger divisions within MML, consisting of over 90 federal employees, including term appointments [e.g., NIST-NRC (National Research Council) Postdoctoral Research Associates] and 47 associates, including contractors and guest scientists.

Our Mission

The Materials Measurement Science Division aims to strengthen personal safety and economic security for the Nation. We develop purposeful solutions to critical, uniquely challenging materials science problems. We leverage an inspired and diverse workforce to conduct rigorous metrology-focused research.

Our Core Values

  • Willingness — We proactively explore new ideas and solutions with eagerness and openness, to make the greatest contribution possible.
  • Passion — We embrace challenges connected to our purpose with enthusiasm and grit. Regardless of the odds, we find joy in our pursuit to make the highest impact through scientific excellence.
  • Personal Growth — Through engagement and continuous learning, we constantly strive to improve our skills, knowledge, and personal qualities to push the boundaries of our work forward.
  • Agility — We are flexible, able to pivot, and adapt our skills and resources to face new challenges.
  • Empathy — We actively listen to the other person’s perspective, to understand and appreciate their needs in relation to our own.
Created April 5, 2023, Updated August 15, 2023