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Technical Expertise

Infographic illustrating the Core Competencies and the Core Capabilities of the Materials Measurement Science Division

The Materials Measurement Science Division maintains capacity in three Core Competencies and seven Core Capabilities.

Core Competencies

  1. Multiscale measurements of physical, mechanical, and transport properties for engineered materials
  2. Atomic and nanoscale metrology for structure, chemistry, and composition
  3. Computational science, artificial intelligence, and data science for accelerated analysis and materials design

Core Capabilities

  1. Multi-scale, Multi-Domain, Hybrid Metrology R&D
  2. Measurement Standards and Services
  3. Trace Analysis Metrology R&D
  4. X-ray and Neutron Metrology R&D
  5. Nanoscale Metrology and Fabrication R&D
  6. Microscopy Metrology R&D
  7. Accelerated Materials Science and Data Analysis Tools R&D
Created April 21, 2023, Updated August 15, 2023