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David S Bright

Dr. Bright recently retired from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, where he had been a research chemist since 1976, and has had an interest in computer assisted analysis since that time. In 1984, he joined the Microanalysis group of the Center for Analytical Chemistry to develop an image analysis system, Lispix, and apply image analysis techniques to various research problems of the group. Researchers use Lispix to automate electron microscopes, identify arrays in electron diffraction patterns, enhance and correlate x-ray maps, find and measure areas of interest in images, archive images and exchange images and data with other image processing programs. Dr. Bright uses Lispix to develop algorithms work on various image processing problems. He has authored ninety papers and has given sixty invited talks on image analysis since 1983. He received his Ph.D. in Biophysics from Colorado State University in 1975, and is married with six children.


Automated Analysis of Organic Particles Using Cluster SIMS

John G. Gillen, Cynthia J. Zeissler, Christine M. Mahoney, Abigail P. Lindstrom, Robert A. Fletcher, P Chi, Jennifer R. Verkouteren, David S. Bright, R Lareau, M Boldman
Cluster primary ion bombardment combined with secondary ion imaging is used in an ion microscope secondary ion mass spectrometer for the spatially resolved
Created August 15, 2019