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Application of the Hough Transform to Electron Energy-Loss Spectrum-Line Acquisition



J H. Scott, David S. Bright


We present a procedure based on the linear Hough transform for visualizing and quantitatively measuring the tilt alignment of spectrum-line datasets. By combining the transform with a simple angular translation, information about the quality of the vertical alignment of the dataset on the detector can also be extracted. Together, this information can be applied to minimize artifacts that appear in the spectra that arise when the dispersion direction of the spectrometer is not parallel to the pixel pitch of the CCD detector.
Journal of Microscopy-Oxford


alignment, EELS, electron energy-loss, Hough transform, spectrum-line, TEM


Scott, J. and Bright, D. (2021), Application of the Hough Transform to Electron Energy-Loss Spectrum-Line Acquisition, Journal of Microscopy-Oxford (Accessed May 19, 2024)


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Created October 12, 2021