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Nanomechanical Properties Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Mark McLean Group Leader mark.mclean [at] Fed
Jessica Torres Group Secretary jessica.torres [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Leonardo Borchert leonardo.borchert [at] Assoc
Brian Bush brian.bush [at] Fed
Cristian Ciobanu cristian.ciobanu [at] Assoc
James Cline james.cline [at] Fed
Carles Corbella Roca carles.corbellaroca [at] Assoc
Arden Dombalagian arden.dombalagian [at] Assoc
Richard S. Gates richard.gates [at] Assoc
Yvonne Gerbig yvonne.gerbig [at] Fed
Dylan Kirsch dylan.kirsch [at] Fed
Tamara Koledin tamara.koledin [at] Assoc
Joshua B. Martin joshua.martin [at] Fed
Mark McLean mark.mclean [at] Fed
Marcus Mendenhall marcus.mendenhall [at] Fed
Ashot Nazarian ashot.nazarian [at] Assoc
William Alexander Osborn william.osborn [at] Fed
Cary Presser cary.presser [at] Assoc
George D. Quinn george.quinn [at] Assoc
Sreenivas Raguraman sreenivas.raguraman [at] IntlAssoc
Lakshmi Ravi Narayan lakshmi.ravinarayan [at] IntlAssoc
Richard E. Ricker richard.ricker [at] Assoc
Gheorghe Stan gheorghe.stan [at] Fed
Mark D. Vaudin mark.vaudin [at] Assoc
Ronald Warzoha ronald.warzoha [at] Fed
Feng Yi feng.yi [at] Fed