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Nanomechanical Properties Group

Our group develops and provides measurement science, measurement standards, and measurement technology for various characterization techniques needed by U.S. industry to better apply materials and components in a wide range of applications.

Our group works to advance metrology and instrumentation for measuring mechanical, thermal and electrical properties, and thermodynamic behavior of bulk materials, thin films, and interfaces.  We determines and disseminates key data to establish the relationship between structure, property, and performance of materials and devices to address current and future needs in semiconductor microelectronics, energy conversion applications, climate research, and additive manufacturing.  We develop standards, reference materials, micro- and nanofabricated test devices, and analysis techniques for improving the metrological foundation of characterization methods, including X-ray diffraction, atomic force microscopy, spectroscopy- and diffraction-based strain measurements, atom probe tomography, 3D microscopy, and 3D profilometry.

News and Updates


Diffraction Metrology and Standards

Our objective is the development of Standard Reference Materials ( SRMs) and quantitative, reproducible, and accurate measurement methods for characterization

Nanocalorimetry Measurements

Nanocalorimetry provides a capability to measure the thermal properties of very small samples and at very fast rates. Materials and interfaces of interest

Instruments &Tools

Hysitron PI-85 Picoindentor

This in-situ indentation system can be integrated into electron microscopes as well as being run in other unusual setups. With a load capacity of 150 mN, this

Laser Doppler Vibrometer Microscope

Since 2006, the Nanomechanical Properties Group has pioneered the use of Laser Doppler Vibrometry (LDV) to calibrate the stiffness of AFM cantilevers using the

Nanocalorimeter Measurement System

This Nanocalorimeter Measurement System is used for nanocalorimetry measurements at fast heating rates (100 °C/s to 100,000 °C/s) and measurements of samples

Nanocalorimeter Calibration System

The Nanocalorimeter Calibration System is used to calibrate each individual nanocalorimeter sensor chip used in the nanocalorimetry measurements project. The




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