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Nanocalorimeter Measurement System

Nanocalorimeter Measurement System

Nanocalorimeter Measurement System

This Nanocalorimeter Measurement System is used for nanocalorimetry measurements at fast heating rates (100 °C/s to 100,000 °C/s) and measurements of samples with very small mass (typically 100 nanograms or less).  The chamber can be used for measurements in many different environments - dry air, humidified air, ultra high purity nitrogen, ultra high purity argon, forming gas (5% hydrogen), carbon dioxide, and high vacuum.  The chamber has a liquid nitrogen cryostat for measurements as low as -196 °C and as high as 1200 °C.

The system has a 24-bit, 200,000 Sample/second data acquisition system, and is operated using LabView control software.   This is a versatile instrument that can measure the thermal properties (heat capacity, transition temperatures, enthalpy) of many different types and morphologies of materials.

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For nanocalorimeter measurements in many different environments, using NIST-fabricated nanocalorimeter sensor chips.  

Scientific Opportunities/Applications

This instrument is used for nanocalorimeter measurements. We are open to collaborations in accordance with the NIST mission.

Created October 6, 2017, Updated March 30, 2023