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Hysitron PI-85 Picoindentor

Hysitron PI-85 Picoindentor

Hysitron PI-85 Picoindentor

Credit: Bruker

This in-situ indentation system can be integrated into electron microscopes as well as being run in other unusual setups. With a load capacity of 150 mN, this system is can be used to actuate MEMS devices as well as perform traditional indentation operations.

Hysitron Pi-95 Picoindenter
Left Image: Custom mounting of the in-situ indentation system to enable simultaneous indentation and EBSD operations. The EBSD camera (not pictured) would enter from the right. This configuration allows for phase identification from an EBSD map and subsequent site-specific indentation. Right Image: Overview SEM image of the in-situ indentation system aligned to actuate a NIST fabricated MEMS device. The load versus displacement data collected in this experiment allows the stiffness of the mobile shuttle to be evaluated directly.


Created May 9, 2023, Updated May 10, 2023