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Nanocalorimeter Calibration System

Nanocalorimeter Calibration System

Nanocalorimeter Calibration System

The Nanocalorimeter Calibration System is used to calibrate each individual nanocalorimeter sensor chip used in the nanocalorimetry measurements project.  The system is automated using LabView and has a pyrometer to measure the sensor chip temperature while the virtual instrument cycles through a range of applied voltages, measures the temperature and resistance at many points, and calculates the temperature-resistance relationship (TCR).  The instrument records four temperature-resistance curves, averages them, and solves for the coefficients of a curve fit.

Related Publication

Optical calibration for Nanocalorimeter Measurements” Thermochimica Acta 522:60-65 (2011)


For the calibration of NIST fabricated nanocalorimeter sensor chips.  This instrument can calibrate 20 to 30 sensors chips per day.

Scientific Opportunities/Applications

This instrument is used for calibrating nanocalorimeter sensor chips.

Created October 6, 2017, Updated November 15, 2019