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Laser Doppler Vibrometer Microscope

Laser Doppler Vibrometer located in 218/D012 (Group 643.09)

Since 2006, the Nanomechanical Properties Group has pioneered the use of Laser Doppler Vibrometry (LDV) to calibrate the stiffness of AFM cantilevers using the Thermal Method.  The instrument, a Polytec MSA-500 microscope vibrometer has been augmented with upgraded hardware, software, and environmental capabilities to provide superior sensitivity and accuracy of measurement.  The main focus has been on combining vibrational spectra of cantilevers with the Equipartition Theorem to extract accurate measurements of cantilever stiffness.  A series of publications over the past 15+ years has documented the careful development of this capability for a wide range of cantilever types and stiffness.  The crowning achievement has been the release in January of 2023 of NIST SRM 3461 which is a cantilever array artifact calibrated using this LDV and certified for stiffness values with uncertainties better than ± 3%.



Related Publications 

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  • Located in class 1,000 clean room facility in the NIST Advanced Measurement Laboratory (AML) in building 218
  • Mounted on a vibration isolation table within a low vibration laboratory 12 m underground
  • OFV-552 dual beam fiber optic laser interferometer
  • Laser spot positioning via mirror galvanometers
  • Computer steerable sample laser spot and manual reference spot location
  • 2 MHz spectral frequency bandwidth (VDD)
  • 128,000 FFT lines capable
  • Multiple decoders (VD-02, VD-06, and DD-600 + VDD)
  • Multiple-lens turret with 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x & 50x lenses
  • Minimum spot size: 1.0 µm diameter @ 50x
  • Motorized XY stage for controlled sample translation

Scientific Opportunities/Applications

Measurement of the out-of-plane Vibrational spectra of surfaces including cantilevers, membranes, and microfabricated devices.  Both thermal and piezo-driven capabilities are available.  Automated surface scanning capability to determine mode shapes.  Cantilever stiffness measurement using the LDV Thermal Calibration Method.

Created April 18, 2023, Updated May 1, 2023