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Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Chris A. Michaels Group Leader chris.michaels [at] Fed
Valentina Coppola Group Secretary valentina.coppola [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Gregory E. Adams gregory.adams [at] Fed
Michael Bradley Assoc
Steven A. Buntin steven.buntin [at] Fed
Karen DeRocher karen.derocher [at] Fed
Sebastian Engmann sebastian.engmann [at] Assoc
Andrew Gayle andrew.gayle [at] Fed
Terrence J. Jach terrence.jach [at] Fed
Sasawat Jamnuch sasawat.jamnuch [at] IntlAssoc
Frederick Meisenkothen frederick.meisenkothen [at] Fed
Chris A. Michaels chris.michaels [at] Fed
Adam Newberry Ctr
Nicholas Ritchie nicholas.ritchie [at] Fed
Steven W. Robey steven.robey [at] Fed
Keana C. K. Scott keana.scott [at] Fed
Matthew Sparacino matthew.sparacino [at] Fed
Eric B. Steel eric.steel [at] Assoc
Gregory Sweeney gregory.sweeney [at] Fed
Barbara B. Thorne barbara.thorne [at] Fed
Dayanara Torres dayanara.torres [at] Assoc
Jessica Trimble jessica.trimble [at] Assoc
Elizabeth Umeda Assoc
Edward P. Vicenzi edward.vicenzi [at] Fed
Tana Villafana tana.e.villafana [at] Assoc
John Vinson john.vinson [at] Fed
Stephanie Vuckovic Fed
Scott A. Wight scott.wight [at] Fed
Donald Windover donald.windover [at] Fed
Eric S. Windsor eric.windsor [at] Fed