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Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Group

Performs research and develops metrology to advance, promote and ensure robust and quantitative microscopy and microanalysis to address stakeholder needs in diverse areas of materials science. Electron, ion, and photon interactions with matter are used to enable the compositional, structural, and morphological characterization of materials from the mesoscale to the atomic scale.


Microplastic and Nanoplastic Metrology

The mission of the Micro and Nanoplastic (MNP) Metrology Project is to assist regulators in assessing the human health and environmental risks associated with




NIST DTSA-II builds on the best available algorithms in the literature to simulate, quantify and plan energy dispersive x-ray analysis measurements.


OCEAN is a versatile package for calculating both optical/UV and core-edge spectroscopy. It is a first-principles code based on both ground-state density

Tools and Instruments

Microcalorimeter Detector

The NIST transition edge sensor microcalorimeter is energy dispersive x-ray spectrometer capable of ~5 eV resolution over a range of energies from hundreds to

X-Ray Diffractometer

The Bruker D8 defractometer is a general purpose X-ray diffraction system. The instrument features easy reconfiguration of the X-ray optics for a variety of


2022 Bronze Medal Award

Dr. Meisenkothen is honored for the development of standards-based techniques for atom probe tomography. Application of these techniques

News and Updates


Group Leader

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