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X-Ray Diffractometer

The Bruker D8 defractometer is a general purpose X-ray diffraction system. The instrument features easy reconfiguration of the X-ray optics for a variety of experimental configurations. The combination of the Gobel parabolic X-ray mirror and Cu-Ka X-ray source at 40 kV produce a beam intensity in the range of 1000's of counts per second , making the instrument well suited for phase identification and trace analysis. The cradle is configured with a spring loaded sample stage that allows for a wide range of samples and specimen holders to be loaded and aligned with relative ease. The instrument is equipped with two detectors, a standard scintillation detector, and a LynxEye Super Speed detector. The scintillation detector is optimal for small angles near a direct beam condition and for cases where signal to background is a concern. The LynxEyx detector is 1 dimensional solid state array detector, being able to acquire a 4 degree window at 0.02 degree resolution, designed for rapid data acquisition.

The Bruker Diffrac-Plus data acquisition and analysis package includes an experiment building application that facilitates the design of long experimental sessions such as k-space mapping. The analysis of acquired data can be accomplished through either Bruker's EVA package or MDI Jade, both of which have phase identification capabilities. The also has access to a library of common phases in the form of powder diffraction files (pdf format).


  • Cu-Ka Source (lambda = 0.15418 nm)
  • 5 axis Eulerian cradle (chi: -5 to+55 degree tilt range 0.02 degree step, phi: unlimited rotation 0.001 degree step, x,y: 100 mm of travel, z: 50 mm of travel)
  • laser video based sample alignment
  • Scintillation detector
  • LynxEye Super Speed detector
  • Gobel Mirror optics as well as direct beam configuration
  • Bragg-Brentano and alternate measurement geometries
  • Multiple specimen holders for various sample sizes and types
  • EVA and MDI Jade data processing software with pdf database
  • XRD wizard and XRD commander control and automation software

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Created March 20, 2009, Updated February 22, 2017