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Sebastian Engmann (Assoc)


The role of orientation in the MEL response of OLEDs

Sebastian Engmann, Emily Bittle, Lee J. Richter, Rawad Hallani, John Anthony, David J. Gundlach
Magneto electroluminescence (MEL) is emerging as a powerful tool for the study of spin dynamics in emitting devices. The shape of the MEL response is typically

Synergistic effect of carotenoid and silicone-based additives for photooxidatively stable organic solar cells with enhanced elasticity

Michela Prete, Elisa Ogliani, Mikkel Bregnhøj, Subham Dastidar, Jonas Lissau, Horst-Günter Rubahn, Sebastian Engmann, Anne Ladegaard Skov, Michael Brook, Peter Ogilby, Adam Printz, Vida Turkovic, Morten Madsen
Photochemical and mechanical stability are critical factors in the production and application of organic solar cells. While these factors can individually be
Created August 3, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022