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Surface and Trace Chemical Analysis Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Joe Bennett Group Leader joseph.bennett [at] Fed
Lyschelle Mitchell Group Secretary lyschelle.mitchell [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Olivia Agolini olivia.agolini [at] Assoc
Zainab Altamimi zainab.altamimi [at] Assoc
Meghan Appley meghan.appley [at] Assoc
Joe Bennett joseph.bennett [at] Fed
David S. Bright david.bright [at] Assoc
Briana Capistran briana.capistran [at] Fed
Edward Carter edward.carter [at] Fed
Ruthmara Corzo ruthmara.corzo [at] Fed
Laura Coyoy laura.coyoy [at] Assoc
Joanna Eldon-Edington joanna.eldon-edington [at] Assoc
John D. Fassett john.fassett [at] Assoc
William Feeney william.feeney [at] Fed
Robert A. Fletcher robert.fletcher [at] Fed
Thomas P. Forbes thomas.forbes [at] Fed
J Greg Gillen j.gillen [at] Fed
Evan Groopman evan.groopman [at] Fed
Johnny Ho johnny.ho [at] Fed
Marissa Ho marissa.ho [at] Assoc
Monica Joshi Kumar Assoc
Jeffrey Lawrence jeffrey.lawrence [at] Fed
Lyschelle Mitchell lyschelle.mitchell [at] Fed
Dennise Montero dennise.montero [at] Fed
Shin Muramoto shinichiro.muramoto [at] Fed
Colby Ott [at] Fed
Elise Pyfrom elise.pyfrom [at] Assoc
Liz Robinson elizabeth.l.robinson [at] Fed
David S. Simons david.simons [at] Assoc
Matthew E. Staymates matthew.staymates [at] Fed
Natalie Underwood natalie.borga [at] Fed
R. Michael Verkouteren r.verkouteren [at] Fed
Austin Vest austin.vest [at] Assoc
Todd Williamson todd.williamson [at] Fed
Cynthia J. Zeissler cynthia.zeissler [at] Assoc