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Victor Krayzman (Assoc)

Research Interests

  • Reverse Monte Carlo studies of local and nanoscale atomic order in electronic ceramics using combined total scattering and EXAFS
  • Determination of electronic and atomic structures of transition metal oxides using X-ray absorption spectroscopy and X-ray scattering


Figure 1(left): Unit cell of a displacively-distorted perovskite.; Figure 2(center): Schematic mechanism underlying the pre-edge structure in Ti K XAFS; Figure 3(right): Atomic configuration used in Reverse Monte Carlo simulations.

Awards and Honors

  • Laureate, All-Russian Competition of International Science Education Society, 1997, 1998, 2000
  • Senior Scientist Fellowship, France, 1996
  • Graduate Student Fellowship, Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, 1971

Selected Publications


Created August 2, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022