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Materials Structure and Data Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Igor Levin Group Leader igor.levin [at] Fed
Shakeria Glynn Group Secretary shakeria.glynn [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Andrew J. Allen andrew.allen [at] Fed
Joseph Aroh joseph.aroh [at] Fed
Samuel Bentz samuel.bentz [at] Assoc
David R. Black [at] Fed
John Bonini john.bonini [at] Fed
Eric J. Cockayne eric.cockayne [at] Fed
Julia Dana julia.dana [at] Ctr
Benjamin Dolata benjamin.dolata [at] Fed
Maksim Eremenko maksim.eremenko [at] IntlAssoc
Kevin Garrity kevin.garrity [at] Fed
Shakeria Glynn shakeria.glynn [at] Fed
Lynnora Grant lynnora.grant [at] Fed
Alice Greenberg Fed
Easan Hamkins easan.hamkins [at] Assoc
Andrew Herzing andrew.herzing [at] Fed
Kimberly Hill kimberly.hill [at] Ctr
Aaron Johnston-Peck aaron.johnston-peck [at] Fed
Amrit Kafle amrit.kafle [at] IntlAssoc
Victor Krayzman victor.krayzman [at] Assoc
William J. Laws william.laws [at] Fed
Igor Levin igor.levin [at] Fed
Russell Maier russell.maier [at] Fed
Terrell A. Vanderah terrell.vanderah [at] Assoc
Winnie Wong-Ng winnie.wong-ng [at] Fed
Jarod Worden jarod.worden [at] Fed
Fan Zhang fan.zhang [at] Fed