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Material Measurement Laboratory Office Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Stephanie Hooker Division Chief (Acting) stephanie.hooker [at] Fed
Teresa A. Cronise Division Secretary teresa.cronise [at] Fed
Gerette Balon Administrative Assistant gerette.balon [at] Fed

Material Measurement Laboratory - HQ

Name Email Staff type
Nicholas Barbosa nicholas.barbosa [at] Fed
Kate Beers kathryn.beers [at] Fed
Shelby Bowers shelby.bowers [at] Fed
Pamela M. Chu pamela.chu [at] Fed
Teresa A. Cronise teresa.cronise [at] Fed
Michael J. Fasolka michael.fasolka [at] Fed
Stephanie Hooker stephanie.hooker [at] Fed
Joanne Krumel joanne.krumel [at] Ctr
Noah Last noah.last [at] Fed
Dianne L. Poster dianne.poster [at] Fed
Kelsea Schumacher kelsea.schumacher [at] Fed
Jessica Staymates jessica.staymates [at] Fed
Christopher Szakal christopher.szakal [at] Fed
Theresa Thomas theresa.thomas [at] Assoc
James A. Warren james.warren [at] Fed

The Material Measurement Laboratory Office of Operations Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Frannie Johnson Group Leader (Acting) frannie.johnson [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Erin Abretski erin.abretski [at] Fed
Abhimanyu Ambastha abhimanyu.ambastha [at] IntlAssoc
Gerette Balon gerette.balon [at] Fed
Jessie Cahoon jessie.cahoon [at] Fed
Gregory Carter gregory.carter [at] Fed
Kristen M. Chapman kristen.chapman [at] Fed
Bill Clark william.clark [at] Fed
K. Arden Coogan arden.coogan [at] Fed
Daniel C. Dender daniel.dender [at] Fed
Lisa Derby lisa.derby [at] Fed
Sergiy Domalevskyy sergiy.domalevskyy [at] Fed
Chrisi-Kay Emeje chrisi-kay.emeje [at] Fed
Mark Etter mark.etter [at] Fed
Stephen W. Freiman stephen.freiman [at] Assoc
Angela Furlow angela.furlow [at] Fed
Daniel Goetzel daniel.goetzel [at] Fed
Chanell Hamilton chanell.hamilton [at] Fed
Gary Hardin gary.hardin [at] Fed
Faith S. Harper faith.harper [at] Fed
Jessica Higgins jessica.higgins [at] Fed
Frannie Johnson frannie.johnson [at] Fed
Angela Kang angela.kang [at] Fed
Manisha Kapur Ctr
Michael LaRue michael.larue [at] Fed
Ann Leith ann.leith [at] Fed
Julie L. Leonard julie.leonard [at] Fed
Olivier Marie Rose olivier.marierose [at] Assoc
Willa Mayns willa.mayns [at] Fed
Matt Nielsen matthew.nielsen [at] Fed
Lori A. Owens lori.owens [at] Fed
Jody Sandel jody.sandel [at] Fed
Hratch G. Semerjian hratch.semerjian [at] Assoc
Kim L. Stavish kim.stavish [at] Fed
Jay Torres jairo.torres [at] Fed
Megan Tran megan.tran [at] Fed
Tony Wen xinwei.wen [at] Fed