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Noah Last (Assoc)

Communications Specialist

I first became interested in the way things work when I was introduced to evolutionary biology. It fascinated me that, over enough time, minute and random changes can develop into large-scale patterns, and that these patterns can persist, adapt, and change in different environments. I thought that evolutionary biology was complicated, but utterly fascinating, and wanted to show others how rewarding it was to understand the subject. This is how I got into science communications.

I like figuring out how to translate scientific concepts and findings into plain language that non-scientists can understand and appreciate. I started doing this as a copyeditor at a biodiversity research institute in Taipei, Taiwan, where I became adept at shaping science writing by non-native English speakers into something that was accessible to a wide, international audience.

At NIST, I'm working to bring research from the Engineering Lab's Smart Manufacturing goal to a wide range of audiences, from professional societies (like the Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association) and standards organizations (like the American Society for Testing and Materials) to the US Congress and society at large. I work with leaders and staff to formulate messages, identify target audiences, and determine the best means for reaching them. The larger goal of my role is to make the Engineering Lab's work accessible and transparent, and help US manufacturers become more competitive as the world embraces the Fourth Industrial Revolution.



Created December 23, 2020, Updated July 11, 2022