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Noah Last (Fed)

Physical Scientist

On the research side, Noah is working on two projects in the Systems Integration Division (SID)--one on circular product design and another on closing the loop on with materials once they reach the end of their useful life. He is also an active participant in ASTM International's Committee E60 on Sustainability, where he helped manage a workshop on standards needed to support a circular economy for manufacturers.

On the communications side, Noah is advising scientists in SID and NIST's Circular Economy Program on how to communicate their impact to stakeholders, both in- and outside of government. 


  • ASTM International Award of Recognition (2023) for his role in the workshop and technical report "Fostering a Circular Economy for Manufacturing Materials"
  • Engineering Laboratory Distinguished Associate (2023) for his contribution planning, facilitating, and producing the final report for the NIST/ASTM workshop Fostering a Circular Economy for Manufacturing Materials.
  • Engineering Laboratory Distinguished Associate (2022) in recognition of contributions to improved collaborative processes, preservation of institutional knowledge, and superb communication of research work.


Selected Publications


Standards as Enablers for a Circular Economy

KC Morris, Vincenzo Ferrero, Buddhika Hapuwatte, Noah Last, Nehika Mathur
A successful transition to a circular economy (CE) will require global participation, but the path to that transition will follow many unique routes depending
Created December 23, 2020, Updated December 27, 2023