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Search all NIST staff

Office of Data and Informatics Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Robert Hanisch Division Chief robert.hanisch [at] Fed
Adam Morey Division Safety Representative adam.morey [at] Fed
Cynthia A. Giaquinto Division Secretary cynthia.giaquinto [at] Fed
Gerette Balon Administrative Assistant gerette.balon [at] Fed

Data Sciences Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Gretchen Greene Group Leader gretchen.greene [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Chandler A. Becker chandler.becker [at] Fed
Omar Ilias El Mimouni omarilias.elmimouni [at] IntlAssoc
Chuan Lin chuan.lin [at] Assoc
Peter Linstrom peter.linstrom [at] Fed
Alex Kevin Loembe alexkevin.loembe [at] IntlAssoc
Melvin Martins melvin.martins [at] IntlAssoc
Deoyani Nandrekar Heinis deoyani.nandrekarheinis [at] Ctr
Arlin B. Stoltzfus arlin.stoltzfus [at] Fed
Joshua Taillon joshua.taillon [at] Fed

Data Services Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Adam Morey Group Leader adam.morey [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
William Dinis Camara william.camara [at] Fed
Stuart Chalk stuart.chalk [at] Assoc
Sherena G. Johnson sherena.johnson [at] Fed
Angela Y. Lee angela.lee [at] Fed
Cindy M. McKneely cindy.mckneely [at] Fed
Marcus William Newrock marcus.newrock [at] Fed
Karen Ann Price karenann.price [at] Fed

Office of Data and Informatics - HQ

Name Email Staff type
Samia Benjida samia.benjida [at] IntlAssoc
Kayla Callaway kayla.callaway [at] Assoc
Robert Hanisch robert.hanisch [at] Fed
Michael Katz michael.katz [at] Fed
Mark Komin Ctr
Ronald Maumary Ctr
Eric Montgomery eric.montgomery [at] Ctr