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Chandler A Becker (Fed)

Materials Scientist

Primary Interests:

  • Application of tools and methods to make it easier for researchers to analyze (including visualization), document, and share their results in robust and user-friendly ways.
  • Application of informatics and data science approaches to materials design and related problems.

NRC Postdoctoral Fellowship opportunity for US Citizens (through the National Academies):


NIST Sigma Xi Katharine B. Gebbie Young Investigator Award (2015)

NIST/DOC Bronze Medal (2011)

National Research Council Postdoctoral Research Associateship (2006-2008)


How measurement science can improve confidence in research results

Anne L. Plant, Chandler A. Becker, Robert J. Hanisch, Ronald F. Boisvert, Antonio M. Possolo, John T. Elliott
The concepts and methods of measurement science can help provide clarity in the definition of reproducibility and its role in the scientific process. The

Vacancy Dissociation in BCC Screw Dislocation Cores

Lucas M. Hale, Yuri Mishin, Chandler A. Becker
The interaction between screw dislocations and vacancies in body-centered cubic metals is investigated using molecular dynamics simulations. For thirteen
Created October 9, 2019, Updated December 10, 2020