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Research Data

In collaboration with NIST science and technical staff,   the Office of Data and Informatics at NIST engages in research activities at many levels and works to develop new capabilities which span the full research life cycle.   The focus for data management practices within the NIST MML laboratory includes working with scientists to help develop best practices in data management.    As part of the NIST open data access infrastructure,   ODI has designed and released a new public data dissemination system and repository.

The following list highlights a few of the areas ODI is actively working on in support of Research Data. 

  • Improve data management practices in MML and NIST
  • Professional Outreach and Training 
  • Data management planning tools 
  • Systems architecture and deployment facilitation
  • Production Services for Data, Software,  and Infrastructure support
  • Laboratory automation and information management system (LIMS)
  • ELNs – Electronic Laboratory Notebooks
  • Open data policy implementation and guidance
  • NIST public data discovery web portal and repository,


Created April 9, 2018, Updated November 15, 2019