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Office of Data and Informatics

NIST's Office of Data and Informatics is a premier, pioneering resource for researchers and institutions in the physical sciences with domain expertise in biological, chemical, and materials sciences, specializing in large and information-rich data sets now common in many disciplines.

The ODI provides leadership and expertise to meet modern data challenges and leverage data-driven research opportunities for the Materials Measurement Laboratory and NIST scientific research data infrastructure.   As a service-oriented organization, the ODI contributes scientific value to research by providing guidance in best practices and resources which optimize the discoverability, usability, and interoperability of data products in ways that support NIST scientists and stakeholders.   ODI fosters collaboration and coordination among MML laboratory domain experts and other data specialists at NIST.  In addition, the ODI supports development of research programs where advanced manipulation, visualization, and analysis of large data sets are needed to advance knowledge.

The ODI supports National programs such as the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI),  and is internationally engaged with partner institutions and organizations in emerging data science strategic areas such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.   ODI manages the technical program for the  NIST reference data services, facilitating use and modernization toward state-of-the-art computer paradigms (i.e., virtual computing, parallel analysis, interoperability, semantic web, etc.) and the development of next generation NIST reference data services. 

News and Updates

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Strength in Numbers

NIST is building an infrastructure for advanced data integration and management that promotes scientific innovation in the biological, chemical, and materials

Projects and Programs

Materials Informatics

The Materials Genome Initiative will create a new era of materials innovation that will serve as a foundation for strengthening domestic industries in these


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NIST Materials Resource Registry

Materials Resource Registry allows for the registration of materials resources, bridging the gap between existing resources, software and repositories and end

Research Data Framework (RDaF)

In the past decade, research data have become widely recognized as a critical national and global resource, and the risks of losing or mismanaging research data