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NIST Materials Resource Registry


Materials Resource Registry allows for the registration of materials resources, bridging the gap between existing resources, software and repositories and end users. The Materials Resource Registry functions as a federated service, making the registered information from multiple institutions available for research to the materials community.



The MRR is a comprehensive inventory of high-level data collections, repositories, databases, tools, software, and services useful to materials research and design but located anywhere in the world.  Its specialization for Materials Science is in the domain-specific metadata and vocabulary it can leverage to find data on behalf of its users. The MRR can be a tool that scientists access directly through a web site, but its power can also be realized through its web service interface.  In this way, the MRR is a service that can be accessed ubiquitously behind the scenes in a variety contexts, without users realizing it.


TMS 2018 MRR Presentation 

International Materials Resource Registries WG Report


Created June 12, 2014, Updated March 11, 2019