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  • A new publication describes METIS, a Metrology Exchange to Innovate in Semiconductors
  • We are seeking comments on the draft publication through February 16, 2024
  • Get the draft METIS publication and the comment template
  • Return your comments to research [at] (research[at]chips[dot]gov)


The Metrology Exchange to Innovate in Semiconductors (METIS) data exchange ecosystem created by NIST will answer the needs of the microelectronics community by

  • making federally funded CHIPS Metrology Program research data and other relevant NIST products accessible to the broader microelectronics community
  • leveraging NIST’s strengths in managing data and making data interoperable across ecosystems for ease of use by the U.S. microelectronics industry and R&D enterprise
  • protecting the intellectual property of contributors with NIST cybersecurity standards and controls
A line drawing of a woman's head styled like a classical carved bust
The Metrology Exchange to Innovate in Semiconductors—METIS—is named after Metis, the Greek goddess of innovative ideas, good counsel, skill, and craft.
Credit: Adobe Stock


On December 14, 2023, CHIPS for America released “Building a Metrology Exchange to Innovate in Semiconductors (METIS)” for public comment. The publication describes a data-sharing platform, or data exchange, to ensure that the direct results of federally-funded scientific research under the CHIPS Metrology Program are made available to the public, industry, and the scientific community.

The public comment period allows for a diversity of people to contribute their viewpoints and will close on February 16, 2024. The final paper will provide a vision for the CHIPS Metrology Program’s data exchange. 

What is METIS?

The Metrology Exchange to Innovate in Semiconductors, or METIS, is a data exchange ecosystem developed by NIST that will give stakeholders access to CHIPS Metrology research results and serve to catalyze innovative breakthroughs in U.S. semiconductor manufacturing.

To be successful, a data plan must be adopted by the communities it serves. Sharing and exchanging data, models, and other data products allows for world-leading microelectronics research to be transferred to the marketplace, enabling and supporting U.S. security and commercial competitiveness.

METIS will make research and data available in a manner that guards intellectual property, protects U.S. security interests, is aligned with the approach used by NIST for access to research results, and is self-sustaining to meet future needs.

A broad group of primary stakeholders will benefit from METIS including microelectronic suppliers, manufacturers, product developers, and system engineers in academia and industry who design, fabricate, and test semiconductors, associated component parts, and their supply chains.

Created December 11, 2023, Updated February 1, 2024