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June W. Lau ()

Staff Physicist

I am a staff scientist and principal investigator at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, in Gaithersburg Maryland. I began my career at NIST as a postdoc in January 2006. Since then, my research focus has been magnetic materials, and more recently, electron microscopy. I am an active member and volunteer in IEEE-Magnetic Society and APS-GMAG, having held many volunteer positions.

Recently, much of my attention was focused on building a new instrument at NIST: a laser-free stroboscopic TEM. This is a collaboration with Brookhaven National Lab, EuclidTech Lab, Integrated Dynamic Electron Solutions (IDES), and JEOL. Our concept paper was first published in 2015. And right now, we are busy building one of two first prototype, right here at NIST.


















Rogue grain, TEM analysis of a single rogue grain responsible for lowering the switching field in a Co/Pd nanodot.

TEM analysis of a single rogue grain responsible for lowering the switching field in a Co/Pd nanodot.




























Polycrystalline OOMMF

Full polycrystalline treatment of coupled grains with OOMMF




























Advancing Measurement Science for Microelectronics: CHIPS R&D Metrology Program

Marla L. Dowell, Hannah Brown, Gretchen Greene, Paul D. Hale, Brian Hoskins, Sarah Hughes, Bob R. Keller, R Joseph Kline, June W. Lau, Jeff Shainline
The CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 called for NIST to "carry out a microelectronics research program to enable advances and breakthroughs....that will accelerate

A Roadmap for LIMS at NIST Material Measurement Laboratory

Gretchen Greene, Jared Ragland, Zachary Trautt, June W. Lau, Raymond Plante, Joshua Taillon, Adam Abel Creuziger, Chandler A. Becker, Joe Bennett, Niksa Blonder, Lisa Borsuk, Carelyn E. Campbell, Adam Friss, Lucas Hale, Michael Halter, Robert Hanisch, Gary R. Hardin, Lyle E. Levine, Samantha Maragh, Sierra Miller, Chris Muzny, Marcus William Newrock, John Perkins, Anne L. Plant, Bruce D. Ravel, David J. Ross, John Henry J. Scott, Christopher Szakal, Alessandro Tona, Peter Vallone
Instrumentation generates data faster and in higher quantity than ever before, and interlaboratory research is in historic demand domestically and
Created October 9, 2019, Updated March 1, 2023