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Marla L. Dowell

Director of the Communications Technology Laboratory and the NIST Boulder Laboratory Director

Marla Dowell is Director of the Communications Technology Laboratory and the NIST Boulder Laboratory Director, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The Communications Technology Laboratory promotes the development and deployment of advanced communications technologies, through the conduct of leading edge R&D on both the metrology and understanding of physical phenomena, materials capabilities, complex systems relevant to advanced communications.

Dr. Dowell has served the broader NIST community as a member of the NIST Assessment Review Board, NIST Safety Council, and the NIST People Council. Internationally, she has represented NIST on national and international standards committees for optics and photonics. Dr. Dowell's breadth of technical expertise and superior people management skills have been recognized by several prestigious awards: Department of Commerce Silver Medal, NIST Equal Employment Opportunity/Diversity Award, Judson C. French Award, Allen V. Astin Award, and the Arthur S. Flemming Award from George Washington University.


2012 Allen V. Astin Award
2010 Arthur S. Flemming Award
2005 NIST Equal Employment Opportunity/Diversity Award
2005 Department of Commerce Silver Medal
2000 Judson C. French Award


A Planar Hyperblack Absolute Radiometer

John H. Lehman, Michelle S. Stephens, Malcolm G. White, Andreas Steiger, Christian Monte, Joerg Hollandt, Ivan Ryger, Mathias Kehrt, Marla L. Dowell
The absolute responsivity of a planar radiometer fabricated from micromachined silicon and having carbon nanotubes as the absorber and thermistor was measured

Laser Welding of Dual-Phase Galvanized Sheet Steel

Stephanie L. Miller, Erik A. Pfeif, Andrei F. Kazakov, Esther Baumann, Marla L. Dowell
Laser welding has many advantages over traditional joining methods, but remains underutilized. NIST has undertaken an initiative to improve predictions of
Created July 30, 2019