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Materials Science and Engineering Division Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Hae-Jeong Lee Division Safety Representative hae-jeong.lee [at] Fed
Mark VanLandingham Division Chief mark.vanlandingham [at] Fed
Lisa Y. Hazel Division Secretary lisa.hazel [at] Fed

Thermodynamics and Kinetics Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Carelyn E. Campbell Group Leader carelyn.campbell [at] Fed
Lisa Y. Hazel Group Secretary (Acting) lisa.hazel [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Anas Abu-Odeh anas.abu-odeh [at] Fed
Benjamin P. Burton benjamin.burton [at] Fed
Carelyn E. Campbell carelyn.campbell [at] Fed
Kamal Choudhary kamal.choudhary [at] Fed
Sugata Chowdhury sugata.chowdhury [at] Assoc
Faical Congo faical.congo [at] IntlAssoc
Nishwanth Gudibandla nishwanth.gudibandla [at] Assoc
Lucas Hale lucas.hale [at] Fed
James Hickman james.hickman [at] Assoc
Ursula R. Kattner ursula.kattner [at] Fed
Trevor Keller trevor.keller [at] Fed
Shahriyar Keshavarz shahriyar.keshavarz [at] Fed
Yuri Mishin yuri.mishin [at] Fed
Kil-Won Moon kil-won.moon [at] Fed
Julio Cesar Pereira Dos Santos juliocesar.pereiradossantos [at] IntlAssoc
Andrew C.E. Reid andrew.reid [at] Fed
Samantha Webster samantha.webster [at] Fed
Daniel Wheeler daniel.wheeler [at] Fed
Maureen E. Williams maureen.williams [at] Fed
Daniel Wines daniel.wines [at] Fed
James Zuback james.zuback [at] Fed

Functional Polymers Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Christopher Soles Group Leader christopher.soles [at] Fed
Sherry Redden Group Secretary (Acting) sherry.redden [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Dustin Baird dustin.baird [at] Assoc
Avery Baumann avery.baumann [at] Fed
Serena Birnbaum serena.birnbaum [at] Assoc
Robert Briber Assoc
Robert Bryant robert.bryant [at] Assoc
Polette Centellas polette.centellas [at] Fed
Edwin P. Chan edwin.chan [at] Fed
Whirang Cho whirang.cho [at] Assoc
Katherine Evans katherine.evans [at] Fed
Douglas M. Fox [at] Assoc
John Hoffman john.hoffman [at] Fed
Gale A. Holmes gale.holmes [at] Fed
Lilian Johnson lilian.johnson [at] Fed
Alamgir Karim Assoc
Andrew Korovich andrew.korovich [at] Fed
Rebecca Lee rebecca.lee [at] Fed
Ryan Nieuwendaal ryan.nieuwendaal [at] Fed
Jan Obrzut jan.obrzut [at] Fed
Vladimir Oleshko vladimir.oleshko [at] Assoc
Ibukunoluwapo Oluwaboro ibukunoluwapo.oluwaboro [at] Assoc
Frederick R. Phelan Jr. frederick.phelan [at] Fed
Marcos Reyes-Martinez marcos.reyes-martinez [at] Fed
Kshitij Sharma IntlAssoc
Christopher Soles christopher.soles [at] Fed
Christopher Stafford chris.stafford [at] Fed
Jiaxi Tang jiaxi.tang [at] Assoc
Jeremiah Woodcock jeremiah.woodcock [at] Fed
Christian Yoon christian.yoon [at] Assoc

Polymers and Complex Fluids Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Vivek Prabhu Group Leader vivek.prabhu [at] Fed
Andrea Salazar Group Secretary andrea.salazar [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Debra Audus debra.audus [at] Fed
Aaron Burkey aaron.burkey [at] Fed
Samantha Chinn samantha.chinn [at] Assoc
Jennifer Clark jennifer.clark [at] Fed
Chris Cooper christopher.cooper [at] Fed
Michael Cromer michael.e.cromer [at] Assoc
Jeffrey Fagan jeffrey.fagan [at] Fed
Charles C. Han charles.han [at] Assoc
Steven D. Hudson steven.hudson [at] Fed
Robert Ivancic robert.ivancic [at] Fed
Shuaijun Li [at] IntlAssoc
Sara Orski sara.orski [at] Fed
Phillip Pickett phillip.pickett [at] Fed
Vivek Prabhu vivek.prabhu [at] Fed
Paul Salipante paul.salipante [at] Fed
Pavel Shapturenka pavel.shapturenka [at] Fed
Jiale Shi jiale.shi [at] IntlAssoc
Christopher Sims christopher.sims [at] Fed
Jeremy Wang [at] Fed
Ming Zheng ming.zheng [at] Fed

Mechanical Performance Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Steven P. Mates Group Leader steven.mates [at] Fed
Kefeye Atnafu Group Secretary kefeye.atnafu [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Ami Ahure Powell louise.ahurepowell [at] Fed
Dilip K. Banerjee dilip.banerjee [at] Fed
Carlos R. Beauchamp carlos.beauchamp [at] Fed
Michael Cox michael.r.cox [at] Assoc
Adam Creuziger adam.creuziger [at] Fed
Saadi Habib saadi.habib [at] Fed
Mark Iadicola mark.iadicola [at] Fed
Jai Won Kim [at] Assoc
Lyle E. Levine lyle.levine [at] Fed
William E. Luecke william.luecke [at] Assoc
Steven P. Mates steven.mates [at] Fed
Edward Pompa edward.pompa [at] Fed
Edward Pompa edward.pompa [at] Fed
Jumari Robinson jumari.robinson [at] Fed
Evan Rust evan.rust [at] Fed
Mark R. Stoudt mark.stoudt [at] Fed
Sandra W. Young sandra.young [at] Fed

Functional Nanostructured Materials Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Albert Davydov Group Leader albert.davydov [at] Fed
Sherry Redden Group Secretary sherry.redden [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Frank Abel frank.abel [at] Fed
Jayasimha Atulasimha jayasimha.atulasimha [at] Assoc
Rebecca Bone rebecca.bone [at] Assoc
Brianna Bosch Correa briannabosch.dossantoscorrea [at] Fed
Albert Davydov albert.davydov [at] Fed
Eduardo De Lima Correa eduardo.delimacorrea [at] Assoc
Cindi L. Dennis cindi.dennis [at] Fed
Anit Giri anit.giri [at] Assoc
Daniel Gopman daniel.gopman [at] Fed
Dingbin Huang IntlAssoc
Daniel Josell daniel.josell [at] Fed
Hyunki Kim [at] IntlAssoc
Sergiy Krylyuk sergiy.krylyuk [at] Fed
Avik Mahata avik.mahata [at] Assoc
Spencer Mattes spencer.mattes [at] Assoc
Mona Mirzaei mona.mirzaei [at] Assoc
Walid Al Misba walidal.misba [at] IntlAssoc
Thomas P. Moffat thomas.moffat [at] Fed
David Raciti david.raciti [at] Fed
Eric Rus eric.rus [at] Fed
Marzieh Savadkoohi marzieh.savadkoohi [at] Assoc
Kathleen Schwarz [at] Fed
Renu Sharma renu.sharma [at] Assoc
Jenae Shoup jenae.shoup [at] Fed
Robert D. Shull robert.shull [at] Assoc
Gery R. Stafford gery.stafford [at] Assoc
Vincent Tsai Assoc
Canhui Wang Assoc
Michael Woodcox michael.woodcox [at] Fed
Wei-Chang D. Yang david.yang [at] Fed
Hao Zhang hao.n.zhang [at] Assoc
Huairuo Zhang huairuo.zhang [at] Assoc

Materials Science and Engineering Division - HQ

Name Email Staff type
Arefin Alam arefin.alam [at] IntlAssoc
Kefeye Atnafu kefeye.atnafu [at] Fed
John E. Bonevich john.bonevich [at] Fed
Laurence C. Chow laurence.chow [at] Assoc
Robert Chunko Ctr
Steven Conto steven.conto [at] Fed
Ulyana Cubeta ulyana.cubeta [at] Fed
Christine Dillon christine.dillon [at] Assoc
Jack F. Douglas jack.douglas [at] Fed
Rupak Dua rupak.dua [at] Assoc
Stanislav Frukhtbeyn stanislav.frukhtbeyn [at] Assoc
Anthony A. Giuseppetti anthony.giuseppetti [at] Assoc
Jonathan E. Guyer jonathan.guyer [at] Fed
Ferenc Horkay Fed
Allysha Jenkins Assoc
Eaman Karim eaman.karim [at] Assoc
Fereshteh Mallakpour fereshteh.mallakpour [at] Assoc
Walter G. McDonough walter.mcdonough [at] Fed
Tracy Perkins tracy.perkins [at] Fed
Sherry Redden sherry.redden [at] Fed
Ashley Shriver ashley.shriver [at] Fed
Shozo Takagi shozo.takagi [at] Assoc
Amruthesh Thirumalaiswamy amruthesh.thirumalaiswamy [at] IntlAssoc
Mary Grace Trabold marygrace.trabold [at] Fed
Mark VanLandingham mark.vanlandingham [at] Fed
Wen-Li Wu wen-li.wu [at] Assoc

Polymers Processing Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Dean DeLongchamp Group Leader dean.delongchamp [at] Fed
Andrea Salazar Group Secretary (Acting) andrea.salazar [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Camille Bishop camille.bishop [at] Assoc
Alexander Bourque alexander.bourque [at] Assoc
Austin Colon austin.colon [at] Assoc
McKenzie Coughlin mckenzie.coughlin [at] Fed
Dean DeLongchamp dean.delongchamp [at] Fed
Peter Dudenas peter.dudenas [at] Fed
Martin Etemadi martin.etemadi [at] Assoc
Lucas Flagg lucas.flagg [at] Fed
Leanne Friedrich leanne.friedrich [at] Fed
Derek Huang derek.huang [at] Assoc
Priyanka Ketkar priyanka.ketkar [at] Fed
Yoontae Kim Assoc
R Joseph Kline r.kline [at] Fed
Anthony Kotula anthony.kotula [at] Fed
Broderick Lewis Assoc
Tyler Martin tyler.martin [at] Fed
Kalman Migler kalman.migler [at] Fed
Mauro Mugnai mauro.mugnai [at] Assoc
Subhrangsu Mukherjee subhrangsu.mukherjee [at] Assoc
Julia Murphy julia.murphy [at] Fed
Bijal Patel bijal.patel [at] Fed
Lee J. Richter lee.richter [at] Fed
Julie Rieland julie.rieland [at] Fed
Paul Roberts paul.roberts [at] Fed
Stian Romberg stian.romberg [at] Fed
Jonathan Seppala jonathan.seppala [at] Fed
Chad R. Snyder chad.snyder [at] Fed
Daniel Sunday daniel.sunday [at] Fed
Duncan Sutherland duncan.sutherland [at] Assoc
Duncan Sutherland duncan.sutherland [at] Assoc
Bradley Sutliff bradley.sutliff [at] Fed